Friday, September 24, 2010

Week One in the Books

Just finished up my first full week of travel, and my rental car is certainly feeling the effects. In just about a week and a half, I have put almost 2,000 miles on my rental car! This past week the WNEC caravan rolled into West Springfield on Monday for a local visit. Next, it was onto some schools just south of Boston including Catholic Memorial, Xaverian, Archbishop Williams, BC High, Ursuline Academy, Fontbonne Academy, and Notre Dame Academy. Finally today I was able to get back to Connecticut for another round of schools featuring Bolton High, Rham High, and Bacon Academy.

Next week I will be heading to North Shore MA which also happens to be where I am from! I'll be staying with the folks who are very excited (I think) to have me around. I look forward to getting back home and meeting with some more great high school students! Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Traveling in Connecticut

Hey Everyone! I am in the midst of my first week of travel. I have been cruising around Connecticut stopping at schools in the Litchfield area. Shout out to all the students from Terryville, Torrington, Wamogo Regional, The Gilbert School, and Thomaston, many of whom were at Litchfield High School last night for the annual College Fair! I was able to take a couple snap shots of what life has been like on the road so far, I hope you enjoy the pictures! Keep checking out our website to see when an Admissions representative will be heading to your school! See you on the road!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let the Travel Begin

Hello Everyone! My name is Drew Guarino and I am an Admissions Counselor for Western New England College. Over the course of this year I will be blogging to all of our readers out there about the latest news from the Admissions Office at Western New England College. This is my first year at the college and after being here for just over a month, I am already enjoying my time. Everyone at the college has been so welcoming which has made it an easy transition into the office. Check this site regularly to see how the year is progressing at Western New England. You will hear some interesting stories, useful advice for prospective students, and much more!

Currently the office is buzzing because all of our Counselors are gearing up for their fall travel. For the past month, our Counselors have been setting up their travel plans to visit a high school near you! After hours of calling high schools, setting up rental cars, and booking hotel rooms, our Counselors are ready to hit the road. Check out this link to find out when an Admissions Counselor will be visiting your hometown.

Until then, we'll see all you high school students soon!